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Cosmo Brows Academy

Ultimate Brow Bundle Course

Ultimate Brow Bundle Course

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Learn all 5 techniques for the price of 1

Our next ULTIMATE BROW COURSE is finally here
5 Days( 5 weeks) learn 5 techniques :
▪️Ombré Powder
▪️Nano Strokes
▪️Color Correction
▪️Old Tattoo Removal

  • Master color theory, how to color correct, how to take out unwanted hair strokes to get a perfect job every time
  • Different techniques on how to brow’s map using tape method and thread method, face shapes and bone structure
  • Beautiful 3D patterns for face types of all ethnicities
  • Also we’ll show you multiple Ombre shading techniques an how to incorporate them together with microblading to create beautiful combo brows
  • How to set up your business, what kind of insurance you need, when to find a place to work out of, recommended room setup, building plans, how to pass inspection, how to clean up properly and more!
  • How to market yourself with proven online and offline marketing techniques and how you can build your clientele straight from our academy after completing your training by booking your clients at our facility
  • You’ll have 2 live models to practice on. 1 for microblading and one for Ombre shading
  • Tips on how to take eye-catching photos to showcase your work properly
  • A printed manual so you can go back and review our training materials anytime in the future
  • You’ll also get a full professional kit for microblading to work on about 15 clients
  • The best part of our training program is the after-mastery support. We allow students to come back anytime for additional help. We can do this as long as you need, until you are ready to be on your own
  • No prior experience or license required
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