Ghazal Alloulo

Hi there, my name is Ghazal Alloulo. lm a license permanent cosmetic professional. Throughout the years I’ve dedicated countless of hours to honing my skills and expanding my knowledge in this field. As a perfectionist balancing precision and paying attention to detail is always my goal when working on enhancing people’s natural beauty.

I’m constantly expanding my knowledge in the field because I’m dedicated to providing top-notch education for my students, because my experience as a student revealed a common issue courses have, which is often overloading information in a 2-4 day courses without allowing enough time for practice and mastery.

Cosmo Brows Academy

Here at Cosmo we give our students the appropriate time to develop and perfect the craft of permanent makeup. That’s why all of our courses provide plenty of time and hands-on experience to master their skills. Our curriculum provides our students with top-notch most in depth knowledge allowing them the confidence they deserve.

Our Mission

Our goal is to challenge our students and educate them to feel confident enough to become their own boss and becoming financially independent and fulfil their dream career. We offer unlimited support for our students with personalised advices tailored to each student’s needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a new generation of artists who deliver exceptional quality craft. That’s why we offer small hands-on classes with an environment designed for creativity to flow.

Ghazal Alloulo