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Cosmo Brows Academy

Lip Blushing Training Course

Lip Blushing Training Course

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2 week course

Lip Anatomy

Fitzpatrick Scale

Undertone & Overtone Study

Color Theory and Pigments

Inorganic & Organic Pigments

How To Customize Lip Colors

Cartridge Needle Theory

Machine Speed Study

Hand Movement Technique

Lips Stretching Technique

Lip Shaping Technique

Lip Outlining Soft & Solid Technique

Lip Shading Technique

Lip Infection vs Cold Sore Study

Hyper & Hypo-pigmentation

Lips Color Correcting

Do’s & Don’ts on Lips

Work Station Setup​

Lip Blushing Step by Step Guide

Business Start-up Tips

Ultimate Checklist

Vendors & Suppliers Information

Marketing and Branding

My Success and Secrets

Industry Secrets & Tricks

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